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New Manx Literature Website

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New Manx literature website with poetry, prose and plays from the Isle of Man – all free to read online and download. What a wonderful resource! The site makes available 40 books of poetry, fiction and plays, some of

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The Touch

We who have heard the fairies’ laughter peeling Through dim-lit hollows in the lonely hills, Have seen pale shadows through the deep glens stealing, Or followed in their track down mountain gills: We who have heard their low, sad music

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Kathleen Faragher’s Manx Words & Dialect Words

I really enjoy Kathleen Faragher’s work and have compiled this list of Manx words and Manx dialect words from 6 of her books. across – on the mainland aigh vie – good luck banya – milk bin-jean – junket bithag

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Wind Frolics (Gammanyn Geayee)

It was St. Patrick’s Day and happened to be a Friday so was pension day. My sister and I prepared to set off for the post offices where we collected our pensions. We went to different post offices. I used

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