The Surnames & Place-Names of the Isle of Man

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FREE DOWNLOAD: The Surnames & Place-Names of the Isle of Man by A W Moore (1890). Wonderful resource with plenty of reference to Celtic, Norse and purely Manx names. Available in various formats including PDF, Kindle or read it online.

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The Water Bayliff

The Water Bayliff was not only an important figure in the Island’s maritime activities, but his office reaches very far back in our nation’s history. One of the Customary Laws of 1422 reads: “Alsoe be it ordained that the Water

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Anglo-Manx Dialect

A few more words of the Anglo-Manx dialect. MANNINAGH = belonging to the Isle of Man “He’s a Manninagh dooie and she’s a Ben-vanninagh-dooie.”  (He’s a native/true Manxman and she’s a native/true Manxwoman) SNOG = a nod “Always givin’ a

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