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Oie-Vie Noght

by Bernadette Weyde

♫ Oie-vie noght,
Babban boght,
Safe in Mammy’s arms you res’;
Villish veg,
Babban beg,
Coo, my birdie, in your nes’!

Babban beg,
Villish veg,
Shut your eyes, my pretty love;
Lhiannoo meein,
Ushag veen
Coo yourself to sleep, my dove! ♫

Babban boght = poor baby
Villish veg = sweet little (one)
Beg = little
Lhiannoo meein = gentle child
Ushag (bird) veen (soft, darling, dear) = soft/darling/dear bird

(source: by Josephine Kermode (aka Cushag) from Lullabies of the Four Nations (1915); artwork by unknown artist http://bit.ly/1gp6dAS)

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