Fairy Folklore & Otherworld Creatures in Manx Life

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Fairies & Mortals

The airs of two or three Manx songs have the name of being ‘fairy tunes’ which were overheard in lonely places, especially on the banks of streams. Other melodies from

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Fairy Tales

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The Buggane of The Smelt

There was once a Buggane living at The Smelt that was a terrible annoyance. He’d make himself as big as

The Witch of Slieu Whallian

It was Midsummer Day, and the Peel Herring Fleet, with sails half set, was ready for sea. The men had

Manannan’s Weather

When Juan Quirk was a bit of a boy, nothing would do but his mother must tell him a story

Twisting the Rope

Many a long year ago there was a young farmer of the name of Gorry Kermode that had a farm

Tehi-Tegi the Enchantress

“With lips of rosy hue, Dipp’d five times over in ambrosial dew, She led them to their destruction.”~ Old Poet.

The Ballad of Manannan beg mac y Leirr

(Little Manannan, son of Leir) Little Manannan was the son of Leirr, he was the first that ever had her;

More Fairy Lore

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A Fairy Greeting

“Themselves” upon the mountains. “Themselves” that haunt the plain, That sparkle through the fountains And laugh among the rain. Greeting!

The Phynodderee

Phynodderee/Fenodyree is sometimes used as a proper name and sometimes as the name of a class of beings, the latter

Thie Ferrishyn – The Fairies’ House

This name was sometimes given to what was supposed to have been the first house built in a village, its

The White Lady

Once upon a time a young man was coming home from Derbyhaven. He was staying in Glashen, and was coming

The Fairies’ Banquet

The last sod-house on the Island is said to have been one which stood on Skyhill and was inhabited by

Abduction of a Boy by the Fairies

Not so many years ago a farmer’s son in the parish of Andreas, was taken away by the Fairies and

Fairy Creatures

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The Manx Fairy Pig 0

There was once a little fairy pig that lived in the hills beyond Colby with his mother and his six brothers. His name was Shiaght, which means Seven, and his brothers were called Nane, Jees, Tree, Kiare, Quieg and Shey,

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The Manx fishermen, when out on the sea, used to call the merman ‘yn guilley beg‘ (the little boy). This

Teeval, Princess of the Ocean

In the old days Culain, the smith of the gods, was living in the Isle of Man. It was the

The Tarroo Ushtey (Water Bull)

From ‘A HISTORY OF THE ISLE OF MAN’ by Joseph Train (1844): A neighbour of mine who kept cattle, had

The Four ‘Moddey Dhoo’

The Moddey Dhoo is a black hound in Manx folklore that reputedly haunts a number of places on the Isle

The Fairy Dog

This happened about one hundred years ago, as my mother has told me: Where my grandfather John Watterson was reared,

The Black Pig

They say that if a man would keep from getting his face washed for nine days, he would see the