Manx Life

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Mrs Gilrea of the East Nappin

This photograph is of Mrs Mary Gilrea spinning outside her sod house on the East Nappin in Jurby on the

Sophy’s Cottage, Dalby

Written on the back of this photograph it reads: “Sophy was a real character, I knew her well but can’t


On many of the quarterland farms on the Island, it was always the custom to provide hospitality, food and shelter

Saint Bridget’s Night

A way back in the times long past there was a woman called Nan Quine living with her husband Tom,

Changes in Sovereignty

The death of Magnus Olafsson in 1265 terminated for a long period the democratic freedom of the Manx people, a

Peel – Some Folk Tales

The various names under which Peel has passed are inseparable from the history of its castled and cathedralled islet, and


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The Clergyman’s Wife

The life of a clergyman’s wife two or three hundred years ago was somewhat circumscribed. Except for the occasions when

Ballaugh Old Parish Church

A parish church existed in Ballaugh, and presumably on the place where we now stand, at least as long ago

The Manx Church

The Manx church was the social as well as the spiritual centre of the Manx parish. At the Parish Cross,

Divorce & Matrimonial Difficulties

The Manx Church was very active in the detection and punishment of sexual irregularities and exercised powers of divorce of

Irneit, The Celtic Bishop’s Cross-slab

The Chi-Rho is one of the earliest forms of christogram, and is used by some Christians. It is formed by

On Death in Isle of Man Folklore

• Before 1594, when it was forbidden by Statue, it was customary to carry bells and banners before the dead.