Oh! Lament for the Days!

Oh! Lament for the Days!

Oh! lament for the days that are past and gone,
When the sun of glory bright,
On the fairest Isle of the ocean shone
With freedom’s holy light;
When the golden ship on a field of red
Beamed forth on the flag of the free,
And the King of the Green Land bowed his head
To the King of the Ocean Sea!

Would the Saxon dare to draw his brand
Were Gorry with us now?
Would the Albion dare to lift his hand
Were the crown on King Olaf ‘s brow?
But in the sleep of death they lie —
Their glory has passed away —
And the children of their chivalry
A Saxon king obey.

Oh, where was the blood of the Kings of old,
When Athol sold his throne?
When our chieftain bartered his rights for gold,
Was this like Gorry’s son?
Our Isle is still as bright, as fair,
Its sons are still as free;
But a stranger monarch reigneth there,
On the throne of the Kings of the Sea!

red = the ancient arms of Mann
King of the Green Land = Ireland
King of the Ocean Sea = Manannan, Son of the Sea
Gorry = Ancient King of Mann
Albion = the Scotsman
King Olaf = Ancient King of Mann

(source: by Professor E. Forbes (1833) from A Book of Manx Poetry edited by Wm. Cubbon (1913); photo http://bit.ly/1drRRKD with graphics)

Bernadette Weyde

Bernadette Weyde

I'm a web designer, amateur historian and keen gardener and I enjoy bringing Manx history, folklore and poetry to a modern audience.

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