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Christian Names of the Isle of Man

At a recent gathering of the World Manx Association, held at the Nunnery, the Attorney-General (Mr. Ramsey B. Moore), in his address, remarked upon the growing habit of Manx parents giving their children inappropriate and foreign Christian names; and he

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Before the Norsemen

Is it possible for us to guess what the Gaelic name of St John’s or Tynwald Hill on the Isle of Man was before the coming of the Norsemen? In the true Chronicle of Mann, the origin of which is

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Model of a Celtic Homestead

The type of large circular homestead occupied by a Manx Chieftan and his family in the 2nd Century CE, while the Romans were in Britain. The building was about 90 ft. in diameter, timber-framed, with a low dome-shaped roof of

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Peel Island and the Shrine of St. Mochonna

Saint Conan (7th century – January, 684), also rarely known as Saint Mochonna, was a bishop of the Isle of Man and an Irish missionary. Extract from a report by PMC Kermode to the IOM Natural History & Antiquarian Society

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The Coming of Saint Patrick

It was the time that Saint Patrick was coming on horseback to Mann, over the sea from Ireland. When he drew near to the land, Manannan Mac y Leirr, that great wizard that was ruler of Mann, put a charm

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Saint Oran of Iona & Mann

Oran (aka Odhrán or Odran) preceded Saint Columba and is a descendant of Conall Gulban a 5th century Irish King who founded the kingdom of Tír Chonaill. His death is recorded in 548 and his grave was greatly revered in

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