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Two Charms

These two charms, the Crosh Bollan (fig. 1), and Thor’s Hammer (fig. 2), are of great antiquity, and the former is of particular interest in folk-lore, as it is not confined just to the Isle of Man or even to

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Lord of the Stormy Headlands

“O Manannan, Lord of the stormy headlands, Cast thy mantle over us now!” The above lines were perhaps a charm, or part of a charm, for invisibility or protection by means of the magic mist with which he enwreathed the

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Lus y Wooishall – The Wishing Herb – Yarrow

Cut by the light of the new moon by a young woman who said as a charm: “Good morra, green yarra, Good morra, green yarra, Good morra green yarra to thee; Tell me tonight Before to-morra Who my true love

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The Teares of Ballawhane

Memories of Charles Teare’s wonderful powers seem inexhaustible and there is no question of the natural skill in medicines both human and animal, enjoyed by the Teare family for several generations. Charles’ descendants carried on the tradition after his death.

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Necromancy and the Black Art

No person could practice the Black Art or any necromancy on any person who had in his possession a four-leaf clover. (source: Wm. Cashen’s Manx Folklore (1912); photo)

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A Kirk Bride Well Charm

In the rugged matrix of George Quarrie’s uncollected verses lurks a rite used in connection with a Well on Kionlough. “A young man has been found lying unconscious, and cannot be restored to his senses. At last old Betty from

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Charm against Jealousy

Newly-married women were sometimes “buitched ” (bewitched) by the jealousy of men who had wanted to marry them and had been disappointed. One result of this was a sort of smothering sensation in bed. To put an end to it,

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