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The Wonderful Goat of Laxey

There was once an old woman living in Laxey Valley that had a wonderful queer goat. White she was, with curving horns at her and amber eyes. There wasn’t another goat anywhere that gave such rich creamy milk, winter and

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How the Herring Became ‘King of the Sea’

The old fishermen of the Isle of Man have it to say that years and years ago the fish met to choose themselves a king for they had no deemster (judge) to tell them what was right. Likely enough their

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Teeval, Princess of the Ocean

In the old days Culain, the smith of the gods, was living in the Isle of Man. It was the time when Conchubar was at the court of the King of Ulster and had nothing but the sword in his

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The Island

When Paie Cregeen married Gorry Karran in Rushen Church she thought she was the happiest girl in the Isle of Man. Gorry was one of the crew of ‘The Morning Star’ and in summer he would be away with the

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A Tale of Finn Mac Cooil

Thousands of years ago, at the time of the Battles of the Giants in Ireland, Finn Mac Cooil was fighting with a great, red-haired Scots giant who had come over to challenge him. He beat him and chased him eastwards

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The Mermaid of Gob-ny-Ooyl

Once on a time there lived at the bottom end of Cornah gill a family of the name of Sayle, and the Mermaid who had her haunt up Bulgham way was a friend to them. They were always in luck’s

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