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Laa’l Breeshey – St Bridget’s Day

It was customary to keep this festival on the eve of the first of February, in honour of the Irish lady who came over to the Isle of Man to receive the veil from St. Maughold. The custom was to

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Caillagh ny Gueshagh / Caillagh ny Groamagh

Every ditch had to be full of rain or snow on St Bridget’s Day so that the old Caillagh, or hag, could not gather brasnags or faggots (sticks) for firing. If she could lay in a stock of firing on

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Lord of the Stormy Headlands

“O Manannan, Lord of the stormy headlands, Cast thy mantle over us now!” The above lines were perhaps a charm, or part of a charm, for invisibility or protection by means of the magic mist with which he enwreathed the

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The Manx people in former times held a belief, of which a memory still lingers, that once in several years the rising sun flashed on the world a momentary ray or tincture of his light which was charged with a

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The Three-headed Giant

Once upon a time there landed at the Lhane river a number of Danes, who took possession of that part of the Island. Amongst them was a huge monster of a man with three heads, who officiated as their parson,

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Fire in Isle of Man Folklore

The importance attributed to keeping the Manx home-fires burning reappears in the apocryphal “law” believed to regulate squatters on other men’s land. If, after sufficient materials for four walls and a roof have been collected in readiness, a dwelling-house can

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The Submerged Island

There was supposed to be a submerged island near Port Soderick which appeared every seven years: “Many a time and oft had Nora Cain heard her old grandsire relate the tradition of the enchanted island at Port Soderick, while sitting

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Ailing Cows

In the case of animals ailing, herbs had to be boiled in some of their milk. This was supposed to produce wonderful results, described as follows by a man living at a place on the way from Castletown up South

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The Old Man

They tell you that Castle Rushen on the Isle of Man was at first inhabited by fairies and afterwards by giants, who continued in possession of it till the days of Merlin. Merlin, who by force of magic, dislodged the

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