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Wells on the Isle of Man

Every parish in the Isle of Man had its wells, wells that in the distant past played an important part in the lives of the community. Many of them were sacred and many of them are credited with curative properties.

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The Three Wonders of Manann – The Second

Rather unexpectedly both the second and third Wonders are associated traditionally with the parish of Onchan. Castle Rushen claims within its walls a well which rises and falls with the tide, although of fresh water – but it can scarcely

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The Monks’ Well

“In memory of our ancestors, who, through long ages, came to this well and here, in simple faith, made prayers and vows with humble offerings.”  So this became a holy place.   The well is at Silverdale. (photo source: courtesy

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Chibber-yn-rhullic ‘Well of the Graveyard’, is a medicinal spring, now much overgrown on the summit of South Barrule. This is the spring which was believed to have direct communication with the sea and which could never be found a second

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Homage to the Holy Well

Almost invariably there was a spring or a gentle stream nearby every Keeill. It served the purpose of baptism and retained the respect associated with it in pagan times. It is regrettable that so many of them, linked for long

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