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Chibber-y-Wurra Water

My Mother lying weak and spent Cried out to me her daughter — “O for a drink of Mary’s Well, Sweet Chibber-y-Wurra water!” Among the meadows green and low I sought in every quarter, Till Lily Watson shewed to me

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A Fairy Greeting

“Themselves” upon the mountains. “Themselves” that haunt the plain, That sparkle through the fountains And laugh among the rain. Greeting! Greeting! Singing in the rain, Laughing in the mountains Greet you once again. (by Josephine Kermode, from Manx Melodies (1922);

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On William Cashen

This poem is about Manx Folklorist William Cashen who was custodian/guardian of Peel Castle and who died whilst on duty there in 1912. The old man ceased and in the pause, We watched the smoke against the hill, As in

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Calling of the Name

I was down alone in the Moaney, Nobody else was near, When my name was goin’ a’callin’ Low an’ sof an’ clear. None was I seein’ aroun’ me, Never a face of clay; An’ my name was goin’ a’callin’, Jus’

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In Glen Aldyn

Fairies? They’re in Glen Aldyn still Whatever you may say; I’ve seen them over by the mill, I’ve met them coming down the Gill; And underneath the bridges They’re just as thick as midges At their play.   But don’t

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The first day came from the bitter north Was there ever so cold a Spring? But the sun shone out for an hour at noon, And we heard the cuckoo sing! The next day woke with a cheerless blast And

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Josephine Kermode

Josephine Kermode (1852-1937) was a Manx poet and playwright better known by the pen name “Cushag”. Margaret Letitia Josephine Kermode was born on September 18, 1852, at 73 Parliament Street, Ramsey. She was one of seven children who lived beyond

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