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Some Manx Surname Meanings

Barron = a stripling Bell = dweller at the (shop) sign of the bell; Son of the Servant of the bell ( = bellringer?) Boyd = victorious; yellow (or fair headed); a yokel Boyde = a yokel Brew = farmer;

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Peel – Some Folk Tales

The various names under which Peel has passed are inseparable from the history of its castled and cathedralled islet, and their consideration must yield first place to matters of greater moment. An old Ballaugh woman knows a good deal about

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Crosh Molley Mooar & Poyll Vill

These two places – the former meaning the ‘great deceiving cross’ and the latter ‘the honey pool’ – are situated a little south of the stone circle on the Mull, up the way to Cregneish. The stone circle itself is

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Fergus of Galloway and the Kerruishes

Olave, son of Godred Crovan, began his reign over Mann and the Isles in 1114 CE. He married Affrica, the daughter of Fergus, a chieftan or prince of Galloway. He had a son by Affrica named Godred who came to

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