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Invocation to Saint Bridget

As Laa’l Breeshey (St Bridget’s Day) approaches on 1st February, here is a Manx Folksong ‘Invocation to St Bridget’. The first link provides the sheet music and words. The second and third links are two sound files where you can

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Manx Music Festival – Coming of Age 1912

A recent ebay win has just arrived and it is much better than I thought being an actual bronze plaque awarded to Florence H Laughton, Hon. Secretary, 1912. I have been trying to find out more information about it and

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Manx Lullaby – Ushag Veg Ruy

♫ Ushag veg ruy ny moanee doo, Ny moanee doo, ny moanee doo, Ushag veg ruy ny moanee doo, C’raad chaddil oo riyr ‘syn oie?   Ushag veg ruy ny moanee doo, Ny moanee doo, ny moanee doo, Ushag veg

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Manx Folksong – Cashen has gone to Sea

Ta Cashen ersooyl gys yn aarkey – Cashan has gone to Sea ♫ O, Cashen has gone to the fishing, And glad enough is he to go; His wife has a tongue like a mill-wheel, The house that she keeps

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Sea Invocation

An extract from Mona Douglas and her Songs by George Broderick. 4.4. The Sea Invocation (Geay Jeh’n Aer) ‘Collected, and the English version of the Manx traditional words by Mona Douglas’. English translation via Archdeacon Kewley. Douglas (1928, 2-3). Also

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Oie-Vie Noght

♫ Oie-vie noght, Babban boght, Safe in Mammy’s arms you res’; Villish veg, Babban beg, Coo, my birdie, in your nes’! Babban beg, Villish veg, Shut your eyes, my pretty love; Lhiannoo meein, Ushag veen Coo yourself to sleep, my

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