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The Language of Birds in Old Norse Tradition

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Völva, a Shamanic Seeress

A Völva or Vǫlva is a shamanic seeress in Norse paganism and a recurring motif in Norse mythology. The Old Norse word vǫlva means “wand carrier” or “carrier of a magic staff”. Collectively they are known as Völur. A spákona

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The Manx Lia Fáil or Stone of Destiny

A monarchy under a feudal system was a political machine from which the element of free choice was as far as possible eliminated. A ruler, whether king or lord, ruled by right of primogeniture, where all authority passed to the

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Black Foreigners & Fair Strangers

In Viking times, the Danes were called ‘DHOO-GAEL’, that is black foreigners, while the Norwegians were called ‘FIN-GAEL,’ fair strangers. It has usually been supposed that this was a distinction made on account of a difference in complexion and colour

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Sea Invocation

An extract from Mona Douglas and her Songs by George Broderick. 4.4. The Sea Invocation (Geay Jeh’n Aer) ‘Collected, and the English version of the Manx traditional words by Mona Douglas’. English translation via Archdeacon Kewley. Douglas (1928, 2-3). Also

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Place-names (1)

The vocabulary of the Manx language has been enriched in no small degree with words bequeathed to it by the seafarers from the Northlands. A very familiar coast name termination is WICK, which occurs no less than thirty times around

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Manx Proverb

“When trees in calm air move, then speak the dead.” We know that Odin was the god of both wind and storm and war. To him the temple in Upsala was erected and the great treasures were kept there. Every

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