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Ellan Sheeant – Sacred Isle

The Isle of Man was known to the authors of the Old Irish sagas by several names: Inis Falga, the Noble Isle; Eamhain Abhlach, the Happy Place of Apple trees (later Latinised as Eubonia); Tir Tairngire, the Land of Promise;

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Place-names (1)

The vocabulary of the Manx language has been enriched in no small degree with words bequeathed to it by the seafarers from the Northlands. A very familiar coast name termination is WICK, which occurs no less than thirty times around

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Place-names on the Isle of Man

(M) = Manx; (S) = Scandanavian ►ANAGH COAR (Annacur) (M) – marsh of the herons. ►BALDWIN (M) – Scand. Boldair, ‘homestead dale.’ It is tempting to derive this name from Irish Bealitaine, the Summer festival of the Celts. The Manx

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