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May 1 – Laa Boaldyn

In the Old Style calendar this day was celebrated on May 12 and was called Shenn Laa Boaldyn, Old May Day.  Boaldyn, known as ‘Bealtaine‘ in Ireland and ‘Bealltainn‘ in Scottish Gaelic, marks the beginning of summer and is one

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April 30 – Oie Voaldyn – May Day Eve

The customs on this eve and on May-Day were, until quite recently, commonly observed on the Old Style dates of May 11 and May 12. ►TRAIN in 1845… “Many of them (people) remained on the hills till sunrise, endeavouring to

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Easter Day – Laa Chaisht

Considered an unlucky day. T. Moore who helped Dr. Clague write his book ‘Reminiscenes’ told me that his grandfather would not allow his household to go from home on Easter Day for fear of accidents.   Daffodils were not to

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Three Moons

The three moons in the fall of the year would be called: Re-Hollys Mooar yn Ouyr, the Harvest Moon to ripen corn; Re-Hollys mooar my Cabbil, The Great Moonshine Horse, after which the horses would have to be housed at

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