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Ballaragh Neolithic Spiral Stone

The Ballaragh Spiral Stone, found by the old road through the Abbeylands of Lonan, has curved or spiral lines of much the same type as those on the group of standing stones, called the ‘Calder Stones,’ at the entrance of

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White Quartz

In the Isle of Man, white quartz pebbles were put into Bronze Age graves and this continued up to the 17th century. If rubbed together, even under water, they give out a luminous glow, which may account for their sepulchral

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The White Lady of Glencrutchery

Glencrutchery, in the parish of Conchan on the Isle of Man, is the site of a Keeill and Burial Ground. Graves have been found and traces of cremation, showing that as in other instances, the Keeill was set on the

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Cairns on the Rheast by Druidale

There are three cairns, the top two are very obvious with their quartz stones on top, but there is a third lower cairn which is just a green patch. The top one was excavated and revealed a burial urn which

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