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Mischief done by the Fairies

by Ber Weyde

The following item of news was communicated to the Mona’s Herald newspaper, by a correspondent, in 1847:


“We are sorry to state that the same disgraceful conduct has again been manifested in breaking the windows of the house of Mr Quayle, Maughold.


Several panes have again been broken and all efforts to trace the depredators have been abortive. Every precaution has been taken – the door has been thrown open, but when the neighbours rushed after those who did it, all was as still as if nothing had been there.


A number of the most active and stout-hearted young men in the parish assisted in the search; three fierce dogs were brought from neighbouring farms, but they shrunk affrighted, and refused to follow the instinct of their nature.


No means were resorted to, but it remains as great a mystery as ever, and nothing will convince the people but that it is the mischievous tricks of the fairies or ghosts!


They say that Mr Quayle ploughed lately a small plot of ground that was never ploughed before, and that he turned over some bones in an old graveyard, which was the sole cause!”

(source: Folklore of the Isle of Man by AW Moore, 1891; artwork Little Angry Fairy by daws3)

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