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Mona Douglas, MBE RBV

Mona Douglas, MBE RBV (1898-1987) was a Manx cultural activist, folklorist, poet, novelist and journalist. She is recognised as the main driving force behind the modern revival of Manx culture and is acknowledged as the most influential Manx poet of

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Kathleen Faragher

Kathleen Faragher (1904 – 1974) was the most significant and prolific Manx dialect author of the mid twentieth century. She is best known for her poems first published in the Ramsey Courier and collected into five books published between 1955

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Josephine Kermode

Josephine Kermode (1852-1937) was a Manx poet and playwright better known by the pen name “Cushag”. Margaret Letitia Josephine Kermode was born on September 18, 1852, at 73 Parliament Street, Ramsey. She was one of seven children who lived beyond

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