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by Bernadette Weyde

Chibber-yn-rhullic ‘Well of the Graveyard’, is a medicinal spring, now much overgrown on the summit of South Barrule. This is the spring which was believed to have direct communication with the sea and which could never be found a second time in the same day. It is difficult enough now to find it once. It wells up out of the level ground in the N.W. portion of the enclosed area and soaks into the soil again.

The name would seem to confirm that of ‘Rhullic y Dhoon,’ ‘Graveyard of the Fort,’ for the enclosure, which is not to be confused with ‘Rhullic y Dhoonee,’ ‘Graveyard of the Church,’ for the keeill site on Barrule Veg, given by Kermode in his book List of Antiquities.

(source: A Third Manx Scrapbook by W Walter Gill (1937); photo is the summit of South Barrule, seat of Manannan beg mac y Lir.)

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