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Fairies by Mona Douglas

by Ber Weyde

I can hear the fairies calling from the meadows far away,
Where the daffodils are gleaming through a veil of misty grey,
In the magic of the morning, when the joyous sea-winds blow
Over mountain tops with golden gorse aglow!

I can hear the fairies calling from the king-cups all a-sheen
Through a mist of white spray falling down a glen of flickering green,
Where a blue-bell carpet covers all the ground beneath their feet,
And the blackbirds call a greeting loud and sweet.

Fairies, if I heed your calling, if I take your out-stretched hands,
Will you lead me through the sunrise to your wondrous golden lands?
“If your heart is as a child’s heart, you shall cross the sunrise bar,
And the ocean that is lighted by a star,

“You shall see our lands of gladness – hills all green and gold and grey,
And shall wander in the bluebell glens beside the tossing spray!”
So I go to meet the fairies, childhood’s joys once more to find,
With the world and care and trouble left behind!

(source: Manx Song & Maiden Song by Mona Douglas (1915); photograph is of a bluebell wood from a wallpaper site)

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