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by Bernadette Weyde

We can’t go back in time and change what’s happened but we can work on the present moment to make a better future. May all your present moments bring you incredible opportunities to forge a more fulfilled life with those you love. 💖

Oh, and here’s a helping of Manx to get you through the next couple of days…

• Oie Nollick Veg (Little Christmas Eve) (pron. ee nullig veg) = New Year’s Eve
• Oie ny Bleeaney Noa (pron. ee na bleena naw) = New Year’s Eve
• Laa ny Bleeaney Noa (pron. lair na bleena naw) = New Year’s Day
• Laa yn Vlein Noa (pron. lair in vlay-een naw) = New Year’s Day
• Yn Quaaltagh (pron. in quail-tak) – ‘one who meets’, similar to a first-footer
• Yn Vlein Noa (pron. in vlay-een naw) = The New Year
• Bannaghtyn y Vlein Noa (pron. bannakhtin a vlay-een naw) = New Year greetings!
• Hee’m oo ‘sy vlein noa (pron. heem oo su vlay-een naw) – See you in the new year!

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