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Abduction of a Boy by the Fairies

by Bernadette Weyde

Not so many years ago a farmer’s son in the parish of Andreas, was taken away by the Fairies and was lost for four years.

One day, as his two brothers were passing by a thorn bush not far from their house, they heard a crack that startled them so they ran back home. Not long afterwards their mother heard a footstep near the house upon which she remarked that if John (the lost boy) had been at home, she would have said that it was his footstep.At the expiration of the four years the boy returned and told them his adventures. He asked his brothers if they remembered the crack from the bush, and on receiving a reply in the affirmative, he explained that it was one of the Fairies, with whom he had been galloping about all the time, who was shooting an arrow at them, and that he had lifted up a plate to intercept the arrow; hence the crack that they had heard.

As to the footstep his mother had heard, he said that was his and he told them that he was near them all the time, but could not get to them; in fact he saw all they were doing, and, as an instance of this, he mentioned the day on which they had taken corn to Ramsey. He could give no account of how he had been let loose by the Fairies, merely remarking that he seemed as if he had been unconscious, and then waked up in this world, and at once came to his people.

(source: The Folklore of the Isle of Man by AW Moore, (1891); photo)

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