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Manx Gaelic Christmas & New Year Greetings

by Bernadette Weyde
20+ Manx Gaelic Christmas and New Year greetings, toasts and phrases with pronunciation guides.   Some are suitable for a wedding toast too.  Enjoy!

NOLLICK (pron. ‘nullig’) = Christmas/Yule
TRAA NOLLICK (pron. ‘trair nullig’) = Christmastide/Christmas time/Yuletide
LAA NOLLICK (pron. ‘lair nullig’) = Christmas Day
♦️ JISHAG Y NOLLICK (pron. ‘jizshag a nullig’) = Father Christmas
BANNAGHTYN Y NOLLICK (pron. ‘bannakhtin a nullig’) = Christmas blessings/Christmas greetings
♦️ NOLLICK GHENNAL (pron. ‘nullig ghennal’) = Happy Christmas
NOLLICK GHENNAL ERRIU (pron. ‘nullig ghennal erroo’) = Happy Christmas to you
♦️ NOLLICK GHENNAL AS BLEIN FEER VIE (pron. ‘nullig ghennal azz blay-een feer vie’) = Happy Christmas and a very good (New) Year
T’AN NOLLICK AYN (pron. ‘tan nullig awn’) = Christmas is here!
♦️ BILLEY NOLLICK (pron. ‘bill-ya nullig’) = Christmas tree
SLAYNT VIE (pron. ‘slent vie’ (vie as in tie)) = Cheers/Good health/Here’s to your health!
♦️ BEA AS SLAYNT DHYT (pron. ‘bay azz slent dut’) = Life and health to you!
CORP AS SLAYNT YN IMBAGH DIU (pron. ‘Corp azz slent in imbakh dyoo’) = Compliments of the season to you!
♦️ SHOH SLAYNT AS SHEE = (pron. ‘shaw slent azz shee’) = Here’s to health and peace!
SHEE AS GRAIH (pron. ‘shee azz gry’ (gry as in cry)) = Peace and love
♦️ SHEE DY ROW MERIU (pron. ‘shee the row meyr-oo’) = Peace be with you
SHEE DY ROW HIU (pron. ‘shee the row hyoo’) = Peace be unto you
♦️ SHEE AIN (pron. ‘shee eye-n’) = Peace with us
SHEE AS BOGGEY ERRIU (pron. ‘shee azz borga erroo’) = Peace and joy to you
♦️ SHEE ERRIU CAR NY BLEEANEY SHOH ÇHEET (pron. ‘shee erroo car na bleena shaw chit’) = Peace to you throughout the coming year
HEE’M OO ‘SY VLEIN NOA (pron. ‘hee’m oo su vlay-een naw’) = See you in the New Year!
♦️ SLAYNT AS SHEE AS EASH DY VEA, AS MAYNRYS SON DY BRA (pron. ‘slent azz shee azz aysh the vay, azz mairn-riss sonn the brair) = Health and peace and length of life and happiness for ever!

Thank you to Peddyr Mac Niallan for help with some of the pronunciation.


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