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Welcome to As Manx as the Hills, a journey into the folklore, mythology, history, traditions, people and poetry of the Isle of Man.

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John Henry Teare

Mention the word ‘cycling’ and ‘Isle of Man’, and many people will automatically think of Mark Cavendish and Peter Kennaugh,

Wells on the Isle of Man

Every parish in the Isle of Man had its wells, wells that in the distant past played an important part

Some Manx Surname Meanings

Barron = a stripling Bell = dweller at the (shop) sign of the bell; Son of the Servant of the

Life in Ballaugh in the 1840s

By Ellie Shimmin. February 28th, 1915. Today is my birthday, seventy-four years. I was born in the year 1841 in

On Being Asked to Join the Teetotallers

Water is silver, but wine it is gold, So give it me mellow, bright, pure and old; I mind not

All About Katie

I had a very good childhood with brothers and sisters and a good mother and father. We lived in Tynwald

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Manx Fairs 0

In pre-Reformation times and for many years afterwards, the feast of the patron saint of a church or parish was observed by a religious service in the church, often an elaborate event, and the feast was accompanied by a fair.

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Life & Death of Cormac the Skald

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FREE DOWNLOAD: The life and death of Cormac the Skald, being the Icelandic Kormáks-saga (1902). Kormáks saga is one of the Icelanders’ sagas. It tells of the 10th century Icelandic

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“It is only by comparison with what is known of the history of the districts surrounding us that we may hope to form a satisfactory idea of the character, habits, and conditions of the inhabitants of our Island.”

~ by PMC Kermode, 1st Director of the Manx Museum in 1922